Monday, 4 February 2019

Film 2019 - Week 5 (Mon 28th January - Sun 3rd February)

Hey, so you may have noticed that there was no Week 4 post, which was for a simple reason; I didn't get round to seeing much last week.  Real life, you know.  Well, I'll add here that week 6 is going to be a bit of a bumper week in a lot of ways, but for now, let's dig into what week 5 offered, starting with the first of a regular feature you'll see turn up on here...

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Film 2019 - Week 3 (Monday 14th to Sunday 20th of January)

Week three of this challenge, and there are four new things to talk about; an old favourite, a fresh discovery, a shorts showcase, and a highly anticipated new release...

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Happy Birthday to Me! - Under-Appreciated Movies in my Lifetime

Yay, I'm older!  To mark this occasion, I decided to follow Moviebob's lead and present to you a list thirty three underrated films, one for every complete journey around the sun I've made so far.  DISCLAIMER: I am not saying these are necessarily the best of the years they came out in, or that they are all the same level of quality or anything like that, they're just a bunch of films that I think need a bit of a better reputation then they already have.  Some might already have a good following but are not household names yet, some may be ones that are well thought of but are/were overshadowed by something else, others may be really obscure ones that need to find an audience.  How many of these have you seen?  Agree with my choices?  Comment below!

Monday, 14 January 2019

Film 2019 - Week 2 (Mon 7th - Sun 13th January)

Two weeks down, fifty to go.  Let's get down to business, starting with a special preview for a title out on general release later this month...

Monday, 7 January 2019

Film 2019 - Week 1 (Tue 1st - Sun 6th January)

Welcome to the first of my weekly blogs, keeping a proper tally of how many cinema trips have I been making over the course of this year.  I'm partially doing this to give a few recommendations, partially to keep to a regular schedule of writing practice, but also I think it will do me good to have a simple project like this I can commit to for the year, give me a good sense of achievement.  So, with that idea of self improvement in mind, it seems appropriate that the first film of the year was...

Monday, 31 December 2018

Film 2019 - With Ed Boff

(Disclaimer: I chose the name of this blogging series before the news that the Beeb were dropping their Film 20XX series.  I am a bit sad to see that long-running institution lapse, I wasn't a regular viewer, but any well made resource keeping people interested in the world of cinema is something to be cherished.  Keeping the name though!)

So as you've likely gathered by now, I see a lot of movies, and many of those I do so at the cinema.  Indeed, the last few years I've been making great use of my Odeon Limitless Card, getting a lot of bang for my buck, probably even more this year with the newly restored Odeon Leicester Square.  Also, I have a few more cinema memberships; Lifetime membership to the Prince Charles Cinema (which has paid itself back so many times since I first got it), and BFI Champion Membership (which comes in very handy booking for the London Film Festival, my main staycation each year).  Thing is though, I realised recently that despite this, I don't actively keep track of exactly how often I go, where I go to see them, all that sort of thing.  So for this year, I decided to try as an experiment over the course of the year to keep a proper spreadsheet of my cinema visits, and I'm going to use that as the basis of a bunch of blogposts on here.

Sunday, 4 November 2018

October Horror Movie Challenge 2018 – Round Up

Well, the Halloween season is done for another year, and with it, another one of my October Horror Movie Challenges.  This year I managed to get up to a new record of 49 movies!  Granted, I may have done a teeny bit of cheating in being a bit vague about what counted as "horror", but on the whole I'm still impressed with how many I got through, especially given my "stuff I found in charity shops" method of obtaining material.  My fundraiser for the challenge is still open, so if you have been following my Instagram posts on my progress, do please give what you can to Crisis, winter is a hard time for the homeless.  So, let's wrap up the whole thing with a look at various highs and lows amongst my movie viewing in Spoopy Season...