Thursday, 26 April 2018

Avengers Infinity War: THE SPOILER ZONE

You are entering another dimension.  A dimension of truths before their time.  A dimension that violates causality if you enter enter unprepared.  You are about to enter... the Spoiler Zone!

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Noroi: The Curse

Recently, I finally entered the 2010s and signed up to a streaming video service.  No, not Netflix or Amazon Prime.  You see, I have a pretty big backlog of unwatched DVDs and Blu Rays to go through, and I know that I went for something with libraries as big as the ones they have, chances are I'd never get to those piles, they'll still be collecting dust come next Christmas.  What I decided to try was one that's horror specific, called Shudder.  There's a bundle of titles on there I've been interested in for a while, but not so much that I'll need to shell out for more than a month or so to get through all I'm there for.

The main reason I started my free trial of Shudder was to check out a film my brother had mentioned on his blog, Hell House, LLC.  It's a found footage movie that, rather just present it as a raw stream of the footage as filmed, instead is edited and presented like a documentary that has gotten a hold of the footage later, which has a few extra advantages.  That one is pretty good, and I recommend you check out it, if not on Shudder then on one of the other streaming services it's on, like Prime if you have it.  However, what I want to talk about is another film along those lines, a Japanese one from 2005, thus just before the real flood of found footage films began, called Noroi: The Curse.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Top Ten Favourite Films of 2017

Well, like last year, in the real world 2017 was an absolute slog, but in the world of cinema, things are going strong.  Now while there have been dramatic revelations about many important figures (some of which have made me drop some films that would have been on this list otherwise, not naming anyone), overall though this has been an astonishing time for film, with this year my choices being very difficult.  I potentially could have a made a top twenty of the year.... but I'm fuckin' lazy, so, the traditional ten it is!

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Movie Surprises of 2017

It's time for that usual film geek ritual of "best of the year" lists once again.  I'm trying something new this time; before I do my actual top ten of the year (and as always I won't be bothering with a bottom ten, because frankly life is too short for that), I'm going to share with you some little gems that took me surprise over the course of this year.  Whether they were better than I was expecting, or if I had no idea something like this was coming, I thought that these deserve a little chance to not be overshadowed by the usual batch of names that various top 10 lists are going to be mentioning.  Here are some of my best surprises of 2017, going roughly in chronological order, starting with...

Sunday, 5 February 2017

The Lego Batman Movie

The first film of my most looked forward to list has been released annnnddd.... it's really good!  But it's not The Lego Movie great, it does have a few issues holding it back from that.

The Limitless Diary - T2 Trainspotting

Hey folks, so I finally picked up an Odeon Limitless Card, after wembling about it for a while.  I used to have an Unlimited Card with Cineworld, but a) Odeons are slightly easier for me to get to, and b) they’re generally a bit nicer and less… sticky compared to Cineworld.  Since I’m going to be checking out more stuff at no extra cost, I thought I’d update on here more regularly as I go, keep exercising the creative muscles.  This is going to mostly about reviews and the like, but I may have the odd tangental topic on here (although I’m banning myself from going off on a rant about mobile phone use.. for now).  I guess with a deeply uncertain world right now, I’m also doing this because I seriously need a bit more escapism.  Let’s see how this goes, starting with...

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Top Ten Most Looking Forward to in 2017

So 2017's prospects in terms of politics, I'll be honest, don't look too great at the moment (though there is some hope), but we should take what pleasures that we can.  Time for me to cast my eyes ahead over the next twelve months, and see what cinematic releases catch my interest.  (Assuming the world is still here to watch them in).